Saturday, August 13, 2011


After spending the week in Tanga... we decided we're going to buy a house there someday! :) It's a beautiful, sleepy town on the Indian Ocean in Tanzania with incredible beaches and lots of fun things to do. We spent the week riding bikes, exploring the Amboni Caves, eating loads of coconuts and mangoes, snorkeling through coral reefs, laying on the beach, and eating more coconuts and mangoes! Long story short... we had a really good time. Neither of us wanted the trip to end. But, with only 2 weeks left in Tanzania and several unfinished projects, we had to call it quits and head back to Arusha Town to get back to work!
The entrance to the Amboni Caves

It was pretty creepy inside. Bats everywhere... Austin on the loose in total darkeness.

There was so much to explore inside!

Austin climbed to the top of a coconut tree.... crazy guy!

Riding bikes into a coconut plantation

My favorite part of the trip was snorkeling and exploring the islands in the Indian Ocean!

My wounds from the stupid jelly fish... what a jerk.