Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We're Having a Baby!!!

Back in May Austin and I discovered that we are having a baby! I was in so much shock that I had to take several pregnancy tests. When Austin came home from school I had Oliver bring a test to him and say "Mama has a baby in her tummy"! You should have seen Austin's face! It was a pretty hilarious moment that I will never forget.

Shortly after we went out to Wyoming for the summer and while we were there I had an appointment that revealed the gender. Everyone seemed to be certain we were having a girl. But, it turns out we are having another BOY!

We are all so happy! It is so wonderful to know that this little guy is being born into a world with a million excited family members who already love him so much!


So happy!

Oliver is going to be such a great big brother!

Finding out the gender at a clinic in Wyoming!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oliver's 2nd Birthday!

We had to celebrate Oliver's birthday a little early since Austin was on a trip with his students on Oliver's actual birthday (July 16th). So, while we were visiting my family in Pocatello before he left we had a family party. Of course it was Cars themed. He is obsessed right now. haha! We all had a ton of fun!

Getting ready for his Cars party!

Mimi made him this awesome Cars cake! He couldn't wait to take the cars off the cake and play with them!

Yep... he's even licking the frosting off Lightning McQueen in this one!

Mimi, Oliver, Papa and Hope!

Oliver was so attached to the cars that Hope had to open most of his presents for him! haha

Oliver and his Auntie Hope!