Thursday, February 19, 2015

Calum's Baby Blessing

The weekend of Calum's baby blessing was so much fun. The memories we made were so special and I will always cherish them! Austin's parents and my Dad all flew out from Idaho to be here for it. The weather was absolutely wretched (the highs were between 7º and 9º and the lows were around -12º). So we spent a lot of time talking, eating food and playing together inside. But, we also took Austin's parents out to see Ann Arbor a bit. We took them to see Austin's office and his labs, to Zingerman's to sample cheese and everything else the store has to offer and they absolutely LOVED the Cherry Republic store. We also had dinner together one night at PF Changs and they got to see our fancy shmancy mall.... haha. It was a lot of fun!

The actual blessing in church was on Sunday, Febrauary 15th and later that day we had a small dinner and desserts with the friends that participated in the blessing. It was a truly amazing day and we feel so incredibly blessed to not only have another angel straight from God but to also have such amazing family members and friends to support us.

The long weekend was definitely too short. But, it was SO nice to have family here to visit us and to meet baby Calum! 

Oliver thinks the baby swing is still his. haha! 

Calum in his blessing outfit. This was Austin's blessing outfit, given to him by his Grandma Orme, and Oliver wore it too on his blessing day.

Papa holding Calum.

Grammy and Grampy holding Calum and Oliver.

Me and my Daddy with Calum right after he filled his britches! haha

Our family of 4!

All of our friends that participated in the blessing and had dinner at our house that night. Michael Heany and Suzanne Luft with their daughter, Margaret, Spencer and Rachel Wallin, Dave and Rebekah McClure and Samantha Wilson (not pictured). I am SO bummed she left before I remembered to take a group picture!

The fellas who performed the blessing. :) 

Papa holding Calum for the first time. :)

It was a bitter cold weekend so we spent a lot of time playing indoors. haha

Grammy holding Calum for the first time... right after a red-eye flight! 

I made Austin's favorite dessert for Valentine's Day and we all celebrated together! Oliver loved eating the chocolate roses from off the top of the cake.

Eating our Valentine's Day cake!

Grampy holding Calum.

Grammy and Grampy with the boys!

Watching monster truck videos! haha. Oliver is obsessed.