Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brother!

Today is a kaleidoscope of emotions.... sadness, peace, joy, regret, comfort.... I've been feeling it all.  Today would be David's 26th Birthday.  I did several things.

1) I made a blackberry and raspberry pie. David loved pie. He loved any pie really. Every year for his birthday I made him a pie including today.

2) I listened to every song that reminds me of David. John Williams soundtracks, EFY cd's, the music from Spiderman, etc. David also loved music!

3) I released balloons into the sky with messages in them as my other family members did the same. We had a total of 26 balloons between different family members that we let float out of our hands and far out of sight. Since Austin is out of town, my two best friends, Susan and Kim, joined me in the balloon release.

The wind was crazy!

You can see the messages we put inside the balloons for David.

On the phone with my Mama while watching the balloons disappear.

The berry juice looks a little like blood, huh? haha. Well, it tasted delicious! :)