Friday, November 14, 2014

Halloween Shenanigans!

We had a really great Halloween season! Having a 2 year old makes this holiday seriously awesome! Teaching him how to trick-or-treat was such a blast. He practiced saying "trick-or-treat" for weeks and acted out how he would take a piece of candy, put it in his bucket and then say "thank you" afterwards. It was hilarious! He even practiced to strangers everywhere we went. 

 He even picked out his own Halloween costume. When he grabbed the pig costume off the rack I thought he would be easily deterred. I started showing him wolf costumes, fireman suits, etc. and he was SO insistent on the pig. I honestly thought he would change his mind so I kept the receipt handy. But, for weeks leading up to Halloween he was so excited to tell everyone that he was going to be a pig for halloween. haha! What can you do? Besides, he looked adorable in it! 

So, to fit our little piggy.... we were pig farmers at our ward trunk or treat. haha! We had a lot of fun! Our really good friends from France, the La Croix family, came to the trunk or treat too! Helene brought her kids, Baptiste, Louise and Leon, and her mother-in-law (who was just visiting from France for a few weeks) came along too. We had a really great time together!

On Halloween night we went trick or treating with Kyle and Natalija Holmberg and their son (one of Oliver's best friends) Maks. They were chasing each other from house to house, giggling and laughing the whole time. Once they realized they were really getting candy from each house they were sprinting from door to door. It was so cute! It was freezing that night and even snowed for the first time this fall. So, we headed back to our apartment and had dinner together and hung out for a little while. 

The pig farmers and the little piggy

Me and Helene at the ward trunk or treat!

Oliver loved cleaning out and carving his own little pumpkin!

Maks and Oliver getting ready to hit the neighborhoods for some trick-or-treating!