Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Family Time!

Since we spent the second half of the summer in Wyoming for Field Camp we had a chance to spend time with both our families! It was crazy that both of our families moved to Idaho this summer. We feel really blessed to have both sides only about 2 hours from each other. Now we can see them all a lot more often! 

Some of these pictures are from before heading to Field Camp in Wyoming and some are from our visits with them just before we headed back to Michigan.

Boles Family Time:

We all spent a day visiting Mesa Falls

Hawaiin shaved ice after a HOT morning at the Provo 4th of July parade.

Oliver, Adelaide and Joslynne

Oliver made Grammy wear sunglasses too!

He loves his silly Grammy!

We spent a day with Grampy at their new place in Ashton, ID!

Oliver became best buds with the neighbor's cat.

Having lunch with Daedre, her kiddos and Karma and Tallon!

Waffles for his Birthday breakfast!

About to blow out the candles

Hanging out at Grampy's farm! I gave this kid so many wheel barrow rides... haha

Playing in the sprinklers at the Orem house

His first sparkler!

Setting off our own fireworks in the road. Good job Austin and Tal!

Grammy gave him a much needed hair cut

He thoroughly enjoyed rinsing himself off after... and chasing Grammy around with the hose!

Whitney Family Time:

Oliver and Hope played in this little pool almost every day!

Walking Bella

Mimi and Oliver!

Oliver and Ender loved the little booties they had to wear for the Ogden Temple open house

Me and Oliver

Ender, Luc and Oliver after a fun day at the hot springs and water park

First time bowling!

Ender and Oliver at the bowling alley

Rockin' the sunglasses at the Pocatello Zoo 

Oliver and Hope looking for dinosaur bones

What a good Dad. He may not show it... but he enjoyed the slide just as much as Oliver. :)

Petting the animals. Oliver especially loved the goats!