Sunday, January 10, 2016

Calum's 1st Birthday!!!

My baby is 1. Part of me is mourning the loss of his precious first year... I will never have his adorable, chubby baby self again. But, another part of me is celebrating his growth and how much more fun he is now that he is becoming a functional human being! ;) In another few years he will be hiking mountains with his own two legs, swimming in the ocean without me fearing he might drown and setting up his own little tent to sleep in... the older he gets the more adventures we can share!

I know everyone says that time flies... but MAN! This last year really has disappeared on me. I cannot believe my little baby Calum is 1 year old! Calum is such a special boy who just radiates goodness! I have always felt that he is a kind soul and as much as I don't want him to grow up, I also look forward to seeing the person he will someday become. 

He currently has 6 teeth, he says around 10 words on a regular basis (Mama, Dada, Bruh bruh... short for brother, bottle, no, hi, more, water, dog, woof, more, etc.), he eats EVERYTHING, he is a speedy crawler and he loves to walk along walls and furniture. He definitely has an explorative nature and he is a very determined boy when he wants something! For instance, Oliver used to get away with snatching a toy from Calum and walking away. But, now Calum will chase him down and take the toy back by force! haha! It has started to cause some strife... but overall, they get along wonderfully! 

Calum fits right into our family of explorers! He loves nature, going on lots of walks outside and all kinds of animals! He especially loves aquatic life (which could just be because of the bright colored fish and bubbles and what not). So, since he loves aquatic life so much we decided to spend his birthday at the Toledo Zoo and Aquarium. He loved touching all the sting rays and horseshoe crabs and seeing the sharks and sea turtles. And, he especially loved our new wagon and riding around like a big boy with Oliver!

Later that day we invited a bunch of friends over to sing "Happy Birthday" with us and eat the gigantic (by accident) cake that I made. Oliver was so excited about the cake because he helped me with some of the decorating and he knew that the inside was rainbow. He couldn't wait to dig into it! 

Overall, it was a really great 1st birthday celebration! We could tell that Calum knew it was a special day. He was smiling from ear to ear all day long. We sure love our little Calum man!


I love his toothy little grin!

Calum loves aquatic life!

Oliver actually smiling for a picture?!

The new ride! 

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Calum!

It didn't take him long to figure out a better way to eat his cake!