Thursday, December 29, 2011

Juneau- Our little Christmas Puppy!

On Christmas morning I woke to find a very unexpected present by the tree: a dog kennel, puppy food, brush, leash, etc. accompanied by a note that said "puppy coming soon"!!!!  We've been wanting a dog since the day we got married and finally feel like the timing is right!  I'm done with classes and will have more time to play with and train a puppy. We also think getting one now is smart so we'll have her all trained up and comfortable with us by the time our baby is born. So, after a few days of searching we found the perfect puppy, a 7 week old female German Shorthair. We named her Juneau. She is seriously the most fun and intelligent puppy I've ever seen. We already love her so much!

Juneau, our 7 week old German Shorthair pup.

Steve and Melissa brought their Husky pup, Autumn, over to meet Juneau.

After a bit of getting to know each other, they soon became wrestle buddies.

 Autumn is at least 4 times the size of Juneau. So, guess which dog always won? :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Little Critter: Coming July 12th-ish, 2012.


Since we're only 8 weeks along, we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl, hence the name "critter" as I like to call him/her. Austin refers to our new addition as the "sea monkey" which I find to be a bit repulsive and don't like imagining our future child that way. So, I'm sticking with "critter". :)

Anyway, here's our little "critter".

The big 2-year!

Over the Thanksgiving break Austin and I hit the big 2-year anniversary! haha. Since we were already in Oregon we headed over to the coast (just the two of us of course) and spend a few days at Gold Beach. It was CRAZY! The rain poured down and the winds fluctuated between 70 and 90 miles an hour!

Austin and I, being the adventurous two that we are, actually LOVED it!  We had a beautiful room right on the coast with huge windows and a balcony so we had the perfect view of the storms. We weren't able to go kayaking or crabbing or hardly even walk along the beach much (partly because I was pretty sick the whole trip long). But, we did do a short hike one day, ate AMAZING seafood at a "fine restaurant", went hot tubbing and cuddled up and watched movies in our room.  It turned out to be just what we needed, considering we're reaching the end of the semester here. :)

View from our room

My sweet husband surprised me with this beautiful gold ring with a pearl in the center.  I've always loved pearls.

Austin found this little gecko on our hike

This is a really famous Myrtle tree because it's 88 ft. tall and 42 ft. around!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble. Fat Turkey's are We.

Thanksgiving came and went like a turkey on the table. :) But, man, was it fun or what? Austin and I went out to Oregon to spend the holiday with my family. If any of you know my family, you'll know it was one crazy, loud, and FUN holiday!

Thanksgiving Day!
Rissa, Hope, and Hannah (my little sisters)

Angie, Rissa, and Mama

Bailey (my niece) tripping around in one of the missionary's cowboy boots

Festival of the Lights in Ashland

The whole family waiting for the Christmas parade to start

The Gingerbread House competition

One Beautiful Fall Day....

Once upon a time... about a month ago... there was an unexpectedly beautiful, sunny day.  We couldn't think of a better way to spend that gorgeous day than canoeing on the Provo river.  SO, that's just what we did. :)