Friday, March 13, 2015

Niagara Falls!

After 7 weeks of being trapped indoors with a newborn and a toddler, I was seriously going crazy! Summertime saved me after having Oliver since I was able to go on daily walks and get some fresh air with the babe. But, this time around I've had to get creative for things to do. Last week was Spring Break for the University of Michigan, which means nothing to Austin. He still goes to his lab everyday... no rest for a PHd, I guess. haha!

Well, one night I was having a rough night and was complaining about a hard day to Aust. And, out of the blue, he suggested we take off! He said he didn't care where... let's just go! If you know Austin and I, you probably know that we have lists and lists of places we want to see! So, it wasn't a problem at all to think of a million options. Lots of people had told us that Niagara Falls is incredible in the winter! And, since it is only 4 hours away from us we decided to go! So, the next day we loaded up the boys and a few bags, stopped at the store for some junk food, and took off!

It turned out to be such a great trip!!! We booked 2 nights at a hotel online for $60 a night which ended up being RIGHT next to the falls and since no one was at the hotel they upgraded us to a fancy room on the 10th floor with a view of the falls! It was awesome! We had such a great time hanging out together in the room, ordering pizza, watching tv, reading books and (Oliver's favorite) swimming in the heated indoor pool! It was SO nice to be trapped indoors, NOT in our apartment. haha!

We also went out a bit. :) We spent one morning at the Aquarium of Niagara (we had to cross the bridge from Canada to the NY side to go there). It was such a blast! We loved seeing their fur seals, penguins, sharks and sea lions especially. On the second day we walked all the way down to the falls from our hotel with the boys. Seeing the falls up close like that was truly incredible! The frozen falls and piles of snow and ice on the water below was magical. We got so lucky to have such nice weather too!

All in all, it was a really memorable family trip! Calum did awesome on the drive too. We were happy to see how well he handled it since we will be driving a lot this summer. :)

Our first road trip as a family of 4! Driving through Canada.

We spent a lot of time snuggled up on the huge bed!

We could see the falls from our hotel room!!

Hanging out at the pool. We pretty much had it all to ourselves!

Pretending to be alligators.

My handsome little fellas. 

At the aquarium of Niagara. Oliver is so interested in animals and wildlife. I love it!

Oliver's and my favorite was seeing the Sea Lions.

Sheer joy on this boys face!

We walked from our hotel down to see the falls! It was truly incredible!

Oliver was getting pretty crabby by this point.... haha.

The bridge to the NY side of the Falls.

There was something so breathtaking about seeing the falls frozen like this and we were lucky to catch a rainbow too!

I wish this picture could include sound. You would be amazed!

The passersby were laughing when they saw Oliver biting Austin's strap like this. He knows how to draw a crowd. :)

I love how Austin always teaches Oliver about everything we see and do. Everything is an educational opportunity with these two! He is such a great Dad!