Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Snippet of Montana

So, we've been here in Billings, Montana for about a month and I haven't hardly said a word about it. I figured I probably should because it's actually a really cool place! From day 1 I was taken back at how friendly the people are, the weather is great (although it was over 100 degrees this week... so maybe we've just been lucky up until now), and there are SO many trails, mountains, national parks, etc. to explore. The one problem is ME. :) I try... and really for a pregnant lady nearing her due date I'm doing much better than expected. But, it still limits our fun just a bit. Here are some of the things we have been able to do:

  • We spent a weekend in Yellowstone National Park.
  • We spent a day driving the Bear Tooth Highway (ranked #2 most beautiful highway on the continental U.S.) all the way to Cook City and had Buffalo Burgers at a cafe there (which were surprisingly good, by the way). 
  • We went to a minor league baseball game here in Billings.
  • We visited the "Pictograph Caves",  some really cool caves that were marked by Native Indians.
  • Every Friday we hike around the rim tops which overlook Billings.
  • We went to the Billings LDS Temple, which was a beautiful experience.

37 weeks!

Everyone keeps asking me, "Milla, how are you feeling?". The polite thing to say is, "oh, you know, I'm feeling fine aside from a, b and c". But, honestly... I feel like a whale. Or better yet... a walrus. Have you ever seen a walrus out of water waddling around awkwardly? That's how I feel. I'll bet walruses get cranky because they have to pull around all that blubber. At least I have the hope that soon I won't have to be a walrus anymore. :) That keeps me smiling. And thinking of Oliver. That makes me smile too. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

36 weeks!

Yesterday I hit the big "36 week" mark which means ANYTIME in the next few weeks we could have  our little boy!!! Can you tell I'm excited?! Just to prove my excitement to you (well... and my boredom) I've posted pictures of a few little things I've made lately. Yes, that's right. I've become domestic and have begun "nesting" as of late. 

Today I had my 36-week doctors appointment and from here until the birth I will have an appointment every week. Funny story.... Oliver is an extremely active little guy. I thought that was pretty normal but the doctor was shocked at how much he was kicking him. As Dr. Ezell was trying to measure my belly  Oliver kicked so hard that the doctor was a bit surprised a few times. So, now I feel a little better... knowing that it wasn't all in my head. Oliver really is being a bit of a pest. :)

36 weeks

Swollen feet and ankles= no fun

I'm making these for Oliver, Ender (Josh and Rissa's unborn little guy) and boy cousin #3 (Devrey and Chris's little guy who has yet to be named). 3 boy cousins in 4 months... 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

34 weeks!

This picture was taken when I was 34 weeks! Just a little update... Oliver is doing great and as healthy as ever. I had to switch doctors since we moved up here to Billings, Montana and he's great! His name is Dr. Ezell and so far he's been amazing. On this visit he was able to do a 3D ultrasound so I pretty much saw exactly what little Oliver looks like. It was so incredible. Dr. Ezell was shocked at how huge his cheeks already are... but that's no surprise to anyone who's seen baby pictures of me or Austin. haha. Every day it sinks in a little deeper that I'm going to be a Mama soon. YIKES! :)

Yellowstone National Park!

Shortly after moving to Montana Austin and I decided to meet up with our close friends, Jesse and Kim Moore, for Memorial Day weekend at Yellowstone National Park. We met up in Ashton, Idaho (home to Austin's Mama and all of her side of the family, the Orme's). We got to visit with family and spend a little time on the Ranch before heading to Yellowstone. Then we spent 2 days exploring Yellowstone. We had a goal to not only see all the nature and beautiful geysers, but also to see all the "big animals" like elk, moose, bison, big horned sheep and, if we got lucky, bears and wolves. And, guess what?!!!! We saw ALL OF THEM!!! The weather was pretty awful as it was snowing pretty hard off and on the whole time. But, we're young and exuberant and can persist through a few little blizzards. Besides, it was totally worth it! Long story short, we had an incredible weekend.

Old Faithful


The "Grand Canyon" of Yellowstone

Bison Calves

I just thought this picture was funny! This wolf stopped to relieve herself after crossing the road right in front of us.

We lucked out and saw an entire pack of wolves

There were 6 that crossed in front of us and 2 more that joined them across the river.

Austin's favorite animal... the Big Horned Sheep. Seriously though. He was thrilled to see them!

We saw 2 bears in different locations in the park but this was the only one I managed to get pictures of.


The geysers were amazing!!! They were really steamy because of the snow storms and cold temperatures.

Utah Baby Shower!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to my best friends in the world, Kimberly Moore and Susan Swendsen for the amazing baby shower! And, THANK YOU, everyone who came and made the afternoon so much fun! I am so blessed to have such amazing friends and family. I love you all!

Monica, Me, Nicole and Kim- past roommates from college

Me and Susan

Kim and Me

Me with Aunt Jen and her kids, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law, Meghan

Mama and Me

Aren't these invitations the cutest thing ever? Kim is absolutely amazing!