Monday, June 18, 2012

36 weeks!

Yesterday I hit the big "36 week" mark which means ANYTIME in the next few weeks we could have  our little boy!!! Can you tell I'm excited?! Just to prove my excitement to you (well... and my boredom) I've posted pictures of a few little things I've made lately. Yes, that's right. I've become domestic and have begun "nesting" as of late. 

Today I had my 36-week doctors appointment and from here until the birth I will have an appointment every week. Funny story.... Oliver is an extremely active little guy. I thought that was pretty normal but the doctor was shocked at how much he was kicking him. As Dr. Ezell was trying to measure my belly  Oliver kicked so hard that the doctor was a bit surprised a few times. So, now I feel a little better... knowing that it wasn't all in my head. Oliver really is being a bit of a pest. :)

36 weeks

Swollen feet and ankles= no fun

I'm making these for Oliver, Ender (Josh and Rissa's unborn little guy) and boy cousin #3 (Devrey and Chris's little guy who has yet to be named). 3 boy cousins in 4 months... 

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