Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yellowstone National Park!

Shortly after moving to Montana Austin and I decided to meet up with our close friends, Jesse and Kim Moore, for Memorial Day weekend at Yellowstone National Park. We met up in Ashton, Idaho (home to Austin's Mama and all of her side of the family, the Orme's). We got to visit with family and spend a little time on the Ranch before heading to Yellowstone. Then we spent 2 days exploring Yellowstone. We had a goal to not only see all the nature and beautiful geysers, but also to see all the "big animals" like elk, moose, bison, big horned sheep and, if we got lucky, bears and wolves. And, guess what?!!!! We saw ALL OF THEM!!! The weather was pretty awful as it was snowing pretty hard off and on the whole time. But, we're young and exuberant and can persist through a few little blizzards. Besides, it was totally worth it! Long story short, we had an incredible weekend.

Old Faithful


The "Grand Canyon" of Yellowstone

Bison Calves

I just thought this picture was funny! This wolf stopped to relieve herself after crossing the road right in front of us.

We lucked out and saw an entire pack of wolves

There were 6 that crossed in front of us and 2 more that joined them across the river.

Austin's favorite animal... the Big Horned Sheep. Seriously though. He was thrilled to see them!

We saw 2 bears in different locations in the park but this was the only one I managed to get pictures of.


The geysers were amazing!!! They were really steamy because of the snow storms and cold temperatures.

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