Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer in Houston Recap!

This summer Austin interned for his second and last time with Shell. This coming here he will complete his Phd and hopefully Shell will offer him a full time job after that. Fingers crossed!

This time around we decided to try living in Katy since a lot of professionals with their families live in Katy. We had heard a lot of good things about the place so we thought we would test it out. In the end we decided that "suburb" life doesn't fit us. But, we really liked having a house with a pool and getting to have some awesome neighbors with kids and all that. It really was a super fun summer! So, we don't regret it at all. 

Anyway, here are a few highlights from the day to day life while we were there! 


About to start the long journey to Houston

We were excited to see that our yard in Texas was inhabited by lots of creatures such as this turtle!

Splash pads are our favorite spots in the summer

Playing in the rain in the nude was Oliver's favorite!

The boys loved having a bunk bed in their bedroom even though Calum still had to sleep in his crib

We did a lot of bike riding this summer (and napping on the rides... haha!)

We ate tons of watermelon pool side

Having a pool was seriously such a life saver! We swam several times a day all summer long!


Corn is one of their favorite foods!

Oliver was really sick one day and Calum just wanted to snuggle up with him and make him feel better!

On our bike rides we often looked for little picnic spots to eat our lunches!

Oliver got really into collecting insects this summer

This was just the start of his collection

Celebrating Father's Day

Calum had a pretty scary injury. He ripped the end of his finger off when he stuck his finger in the chain of an exercise bike. We had to take the finger piece to the hospital and they stitched it back on. He was in pretty rough shape after that! Poor little guy!

They had to sedate him to stitch the finger back on because he was so upset and couldn't sit still. It was really sad! 


Biking along the Bayou in Houston was one of our favorite things to do! 

Calum is 18 months old! 

Oliver just turned 4

They are the best of friends! Moving around a lot is hard but it definitely makes them rely on each other, which I love!

We went to the Crocodile Encounters park in Houston and it was SO COOL!

The guide fed all the crocodiles and alligators raw chicken

We lived around the corner from this amazing Vietnamese Pho restaurant and we quickly became friends with the owners! They wanted to keep our children when we told them we were moving back to Michigan. haha!

We had THE BEST neighbors! Kasey, KaSarah (who babysat for us and was so great with our kids) and Kooper Creeley. They were the sweetest family and we will miss them so much!

Oliver and Kooper were really great friends! They would swim together and bike in the culdesac almost every day.

Heading back to Michigan

We drove all night long so we could skip the hotel... our boys woke up in the middle of the night and were too excited to go back to sleep. haha!