Friday, January 16, 2015

Introducing Calum Prince Boles

Introducing Calum Prince Boles. He was born Friday, January 9th at 10:36 pm. He was 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 20.25 inches long at birth.

Calum is pronounced Cal as in Calvin (Cal-lum). His middle name, Prince, is a family name from my Dad's lineage. My Great-great grandpa was named William Prince. Grandpa Billy was born and raised in Elephant Hooks, South Africa as a colonizer under Queen Victoria. I grew up listening to stories of all his crazy adventures. Mormon missionaries found the plantation and baptized his entire family who later left everything behind to travel to America to be with the Saints. Once they arrived they traveled by foot across the entire country to join the Saints out West and settled in Panguitch, Utah.

Austin and I thought Prince would be a really cool name to give our little boy who we hope will not only be brave and adventurous, but also a strong, faithful man of God.

Silke Masullo Photography-

Calum's Birth Story

Calum finally arrived!!! And, I was able to successfully have a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) delivery with him which was a miracle! We didn't have much hope that I would be able to unless my body would go into labor on it's own. I was over due and the scheduled c-section date was getting close. I was starting to lose hope. My mom flew into town Wednesday evening. We were able to have a really fun day together on Thursday and all of us went out to a nice dinner Thursday night.

Then, Thursday in the middle of the night I started having contractions. I just ignored them so I wouldn't get my hopes up. But, then my water broke and within a half hour my contractions were getting really intense and close together. We rushed to the hospital and got me all checked in. A few hours later I was dilated to an 8 which was fabulous news to us! We were starting to think it all might work the way we had hoped and prayed. Shortly after I got to that point my labor completely stalled. Contractions started slowing way down and the doctor was pretty sure that I would have to have another c-section. I was feeling pretty discouraged. 

They decided to try giving me pitocin to see if they could get my contractions closer together and get my body to progress more. After a few hours of pitocin I was dilated to a 10 and ready to push! I was so excited but extremely exhausted by that point. After about an hour and half of pushing Calum was finally born at 10:36 pm on Friday, January 9th (his Grandma Boles' birthday too!). He was 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 20.25 inches long with a full head of thick, black hair! 

As soon as he was delivered they put him on my chest for some skin-to-skin time and he immediately latched on to me to eat. It was such a beautiful experience! I can't believe how much love and emotion Austin and I felt in those moments. It was everything I had hoped it would be! I am so grateful that I was able to go into labor on my own and progress to the point that delivering vaginally was possible. It was really an answer to a lot of prayers. 

The days after were amazing. Mom brought Oliver to the hospital every morning and afternoon. He LOVED hanging out with Calum and holding him and trying to help with things. We had lots of visitors those first few days. It was so nice to have such good friends coming to see us and meet Calum. Sunday we were released from the hospital and able to go home and be together as a family! 

My mom has made life so great! She has taken care of everything at home so that I can just relax and take naps and enjoy Calum. He really is such an angel. He hardly ever fusses or cries and he is an incredible eater! That kid can really pack it down. At 4 days old he was already back to his birth weight! He gained 3 ounces in a 24 hour period.... I couldn't believe it! After his first doctor's appointment we were re-assured that he is absolutely healthy and we have nothing to worry about. We feel so incredibly blessed!

Feeling good once the epidural kicked in. :)

Oliver came to hang out while waiting for labor to progress

Finally here with us!

I love all his black hair!

Oliver is absolutely smitten by his new brother

This excitement still hasn't worn off!

My beautiful mom holding her newest grandbaby

I am so in love with my boy

Mommy and Calum

In his "going home" outfit

About to leave the hopsital

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcoming 2015!

Oh, 2014! You have been quite the year! So many travels and life changing surprises definitely made for a crazy year. Just a quick 2014 recap for you:

Austin traveled to New Zealand 3 times this year. We went on a really cool cross country skiing trip in Northern Michigan with some really good friends in the winter. We found out (much to our surprise and disbelief) that I was pregnant early in the summer. That was a huge shock! We ran a marathon a week later (I was about 9 weeks pregnant). We lived in a 1 room cabin in the mountains in Wyoming for 2 months this summer while Austin taught Field Camp for the University of Michigan. We took a really cool family trip to New Zealand in the Fall. Austin worked at a drill site in New Zealand for 6 weeks at the very end of the year. 

I think that about sums up our year! Crazy and really fun!

Last year I set 4 simple New Year resolutions: 1. Read the entire Book of Mormon from start to finish, 2. Attend the temple once a month, 3. Run a full marathon, 4. Do something crazy.

I accomplished #1 and just barely finished the Book of Mormon in the knick of time. It was a really great experience to read it all the way through again. I have done this lots of times before but this time was really memorable.

#2.... haha. Well, let's just say that we tried to attend the temple every month. We did pretty good the first half of the year. But, the second half of the year we spent mostly apart since Austin was traveling so much.

#3 was to run a full marathon and I am SO SO SO happy to say that I DID IT!!! Austin has run a full marathon before so he was an amazing running partner. He was so encouraging and strong and really helped keep my going during the race. The last 10 miles were really easy for me and Austin started losing stamina so I was able to encourage him and keep him going. It was really cool! We had such a great experience running it together. And, we didn't walk once... I was really happy about that. We ran the entire marathon in just over 4 hours.

When I set #4 I was planning on a sky diving trip or something really cool like that! But, getting pregnant sort of took that off the table... haha. So, I guess hiking and camping in New Zealand for 10 days while 6 1/2 months pregnant could constitute as "crazy" to some people, right? I'm gonna go ahead and count that. :)

Anyway, this was an incredible year for our little family and we look forward to everything that 2015 has to offer!

My 2015 New Year resolutions are:
  • Run a half marathon before the baby is 6 months old (maybe run 2 half marathons this year)
  • Read the entire New Testament
  • Write a new song every month
I try to set one physical, one spiritual and one personal goal each year. And, now that they are set and published on the internet, I guess I have no choice but to complete them! Wish me luck this year! And, good luck to you all this coming year. God bless!