Thursday, August 23, 2012

Settling In

We finally made it to Ann Arbor and went straight to our apartment to unload. Our apartment is HUGE! We feel so spoiled. I think we could fit both of our last apartments into this one. Haha. Seriously though. We are really happy with it so far. We have lots of large windows and a view of the lake just outside our door. The lake has nature trails around it so we can take Juneau and Oliver on walks everyday. So far everyone has seemed really nice. Our ward is great!… and the list goes on. J We seriously don’t have any complaints. God has, once again, blessed us more than we deserve.

Here are a few “Before” pictures.  When we’re completely moved in and after we buy furniture I’ll post the “After” pictures.

Living room

Dining room

Eating ramen in camping mugs on folding chairs in Ollie's room since we don't have dining room furniture yet. :) haha

Juneau's a good baby sitter

Master bedroom

Oliver LOVES baths. He sometimes even falls asleep while I'm washing him. 

Oliver helping Mama unpack

Everyone was pretty exhausted after that long drive followed with so much unpacking. J


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Big Move

Here are the states we drove through….


When you add Montana and Idaho to the list it adds up to 9 STATES that Oliver has already been to in just the first month of his little life. I guess we’re just preparing him to like travelling like his Mom and Dad.  J

The 26 hour drive went surprisingly well considering we were towing a Uhaul and travelling with a one month old baby and a dog. Oliver did SO WELL. I couldn’t have been happier. I pumped milk while we drove and bottle fed him in his car seat. When we stopped for gas I changed his diaper, burped him, put him back in his car seat and kept driving. It was amazing how well he did. He hardly made a peep the whole time! J

Loading up the Uhaul

Getting ready for the 26 hour journey. 

Oliver did SO amazingly well on the trip! He is such a good baby.

Pulling over for a diaper change. 

We did, however, have a few adventures along the way…
This was a quick stop we made in Wyoming to let Juneau out to run. I’m pretty sure these horses thought we were delivering their hay or something. They even let Juneau lick their hooves and they didn’t try to kick her or anything. Austin finally had to chase them away so we could keep driving.
We were having a problem with the wire connection between our car and the Uhaul so the brake lights and turn signals weren’t working on the Uhaul. We stopped a few times looking for someone who had the parts we needed to

Monday, August 20, 2012

Utah Trip/Oliver's Baby Blessing

After Austin’s internship in Montana we headed down to Utah to pick up all of our belongings before heading out to Michigan and to see our family of course! :)  Oliver was a few days shy of a month old so we decided to have his baby blessing in Austin’s home ward while we were there. It was so nice to see all of Austin’s family AND... my dad was even able to fly out to be a part of it as well!!! 

Here are LOADS of pictures of everyone because, being the indecisive person that I am, I couldn't decide which ones to use. :)



Grandpa Whitney (my daddy)

Ellis, Megz, Austin and Adelaide

Adelaide giving her cousin Oliver kisses


Austin, Me, Oliver and my Dad

Grandpa Boles

Megz and Oliver

This is a small smile in comparison to his other smiles. :)

Wyatt, Austin and Ellis went mountain biking.... :)

The morning of the baby blessing

Our little family

My dad flew all the way out from Oregon for this. 

Grandma Boles