Thursday, July 8, 2010


Between Spring and Summer term Austin and I made a road-trip to the beautiful land called OREGON! It was such a fun and relaxing trip, which is exactly what we needed! We ran everyday, went on several hikes, went to bed early every night, etc. SO NICE!

The last day was the Grand Finale! Every single member of the fam was in town and we spent the whole day together. We all went on a jet boat cruise on the Rogue River and saw tons of wildlife and had a huge brunch at a restaurant on the shoreline. We were soaked by the end, especially Dev, Chris and Bailey. Haha!

Later that day we took family pictures in Ashland and had a birthday bash/fathers day party for Chris, Dad, and me. The Cunninghams and Grandma and Grandpa Andersen came over to celebrate together. We grilled shrimp and fish and partied hard! :) I love my family SO MUCH!

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