Monday, May 23, 2011

Snakes, Lakes and Jungles

Last weekend we visited a snake park and a Maasai museum. The best part about the whole experience was our guide, Flank (they sometimes mix up R’s and L’s so we figure his name is actually Frank). He took us through the snake park and spoke about each snake with such seriousness and intensity. He made even the not-poisonous snakes seem scary. He said the most hilarious things like, “this snaky cannot bite only once. This snaky can only bite… often Often OFTEN!” Another funny Flank quote was, “This snaky is not poison. So, if this snaky biten you, stop shouting”. HAHA! We still quote him all the time. We saw some pretty cool snakes as well as tortoises and crocodiles. At the end of the tour we got to hold a snake. As Flank wrapped the snake around my neck he said, “Don’t worry. This snaky won’t biten you. This snaky only kills by squeezing.” He sure knows how to comfort a girl.

Right after this turtle was on my head it started peeing. Close call, huh?

Yesterday we rode a dala dala out to Lake Duluti, which is a lake in the crater of a volcano. We took a hike around the entire lake and saw some really cool wildlife. Of course nothing like what we’ll see on a safari, but still cool nonetheless.
There was even one point on the trail where there were dozens of velvet monkeys swinging above and all around us. They were pretty angry because of a dog that was on the trail. Thanks, puppy! Austin thought the coolest part of the whole lake trail was a huge long trail of army ants.... yeah. Ants. We also saw some Monitor Lizards which are poisonous lizards that get as big as 6 feet long. Cool, huh?

Well.... that's all, folks! Kwaheri until next time!

P.S. This is Spear. He is our translator/friend and his wife is our cook. He basically ROCKS! :)

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