Sunday, September 25, 2011


The Naurei Primary School has over 1600 students and only 10ish classrooms. Students either have to share desks or spread out all over the floors of the classrooms.There aren't enough books or supplies to go around, so we came up with a really cool solution:

A Teacher Resource Library

This library is for the teachers at the school to check out books and other materials like atlases, books. rulers, protractors and other supplies that don't run out. They can bring the materials to their classes and then return them to the library when they are finished.

Cool, huh? It was created to reach out to ALL the students without the risk of losing the materials.

Well, here are some of the pictures from the creation of the library:
Sorting through BOXES AND BOXES of discarded books at the Arusha Public Library

Tori cataloging all the books in the Naurei Library

We found some really cool books!

Austin the amazing handy-man. He can build anything!

Dorothy, a teacher at the school, and her daughter.

The school head-mistress and all the teachers were so excited to finally have a library, even if it is pretty small. :)

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