Saturday, November 12, 2011

Senior Media-Music Recital

 The recital was SO MUCH FUN!  My family came all the way from Medford, Oregon to see me perform and we got to spend the whole weekend together. The recital hall seats 150 people and it was almost completely full! I couldn't believe it! Thanks to everyone who supported me. I am so blessed to have such amazing family and friends!

I played all original songs with a live band. Some of the songs were repertoire from my upcoming album which will be on Amazon, iTunes, etc. under my artist name "MILLA". But, the rest of the program was a diverse mix of school and personal projects like a commercial jingle I wrote and recorded for Aspen Jewelry, another project I wrote, recorded and sang along to live, and a musical theatre song I wrote called "Single, White Female"which will be part of an entire musical I'm writing with a few friends (Jake Justice, Wes Nelson, and Bert and Charlie Fuller).

Anyway, here are the few pics I have from that night.

THE BAND:  Haili Gregson (back-up vocals), Jaxon Williams (guitar), Rob Qualls (bass),  Jay Tibbitts (drums), and  Matt Pace (Trumpet).

Singing "Remedy" which will be on my upcoming E.P. album.
Suzie, my best friend in the WHOLE world (besides Aust)!
Two of my closest school friends. Colin Hatch and Jake Justice. What would I do without 'em?

Hey, guess what?!!!  I'm practically DONE with school now! I'll be done with classes this semester. Next semester I'll be a studio intern at Counterpoint Recording Studios in Salt Lake City. YEAH! I can't wait to learn from professional engineers in a professional/commercial studio. It will be an amazing learning experience for someone who mostly uses home and school equipment. :)

In April Austin and I will both graduate (Austin as a double major in Geology and Russian and me with a BM in Media-Music), and then we'll be moving to Billings, Montana for a summer internship Austin will be doing with an oil company called SM Energy.

After the summer ends we'll be moving again to start Austin's PhD program in Geology. And where will that be you might be wondering?!!!  Well, we don't know for sure until next semester after he flies out for interviews... BUT... we're crossing our fingers for Columbia University in NEW YORK CITY!!!!  Austin found a really great professor there that he would love to work with. And I would absolutely LOVE living in such an exciting, cultured city where I could continue pursuing my personal music ambitions.

So, anyway, we're happy and healthy and still as in love as ever! We're celebrating our 2 year anniversary in about a week! We're going to spend a few days on the beautiful Oregon coast. I'll make sure to post pictures later. :)

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  1. Camilla, You are amazing!!! Can't wait to see you!