Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Art and Crepes

Ann Arbor is incredible for dozens of reasons. One of which is the location. We live just 30 minutes from Detroit and just a few hours from Chicago and Cincinnati. Prime location, right? We have hundreds of "to-do's" to complete in these great cities and we managed to check one off our list on Saturday.

We drove out to Detroit with our really good friend, Bekah McClure, to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts. There were some amazing exhibits going on! My favorite part of the museum was the modern art era exhibit. We got to see original Picasso paintings (one of my favorite artists) as well as Renoir, Monet and van Gogh. Seriously amazing! Afterwards we hit up this delicious crepe restaurant that was recommended to us. We had the best savory and sweet crepes I've ever had! It was totally worth the trip just for the crepes. haha!

The Detroit Institute of Arts is gigantic! We could have spent several days inside.

Standing next to some original Picasso art. 

The most AMAZING crepes I've ever had!

Me and Bekah!

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