Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer Fun!

This summer has been a whirlwind of fun! We traveled around Costa Rica and Nicaragua, did tons of camping, spent several afternoons a week at the complex pool, spent most of July traveling to Utah, California and Texas, ran a half marathon, bought a sailboat and spent the end of the summer sailing as much as we could, etc. And, that's just the big stuff! We also loved our countless family walks, bird watching at our favorite nature reserve, having BBQ's with our friends, game nights... you get the idea. Basically, we had a seriously amazing summer! The only complaint I have is how fast it went by. 

It's already cooling down here in Ann Arbor. The thousands of leaves on the trees outside my window are changing to their vibrant fall colors and that crisp, autumn smell is in the air! As much as I'm excited for my favorite season full of cider mills, halloween, etc. I'm also going to miss summer! So, before it disappears completely I thought I'd post some summer pictures from our regular old lives here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

May- Swimming at our complex pool

May- Ollie loves to crawl under the piano and play with the pedals while I'm practicing

May- At the Arboretum to see the peony gardens

Beautiful peonies

We took a picture for Austin's office desk and gave it to him for Father's day

June- On Father's day we went on a family walk which ended in this... haha

Playing in the river

June- Camping on my 24th birthday

June- Eating a snack after a long run

June- Playing at the farm!

Visiting our friend Anja's horse Becky!

Becky is so sweet!

Becky especially loved Oliver. She wouldn't stop nudging him with her big nose.

Taking his first ride!

June- Right before our half marathon.

Finished the race without walking once! And, we made good time too!

July- We bought this sailboat as an early B-day present for Austin!

August- Hanging out at the Detroit Zoo

August- Playing at County Farm Park

August- Learning how to drive!

August- Ollie thought it was so hilarious that I was in the tub with him!

August- Our cool fort. No GIRLS ALLOWED... except Mama! :)

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  1. Way to go for finishing your half marathon!! So awesome!!