Monday, December 8, 2014

Thanksgiving in Idaho

Where to even begin? I had the most incredible time visiting both of my families for Thanksgiving. With Austin being in New Zealand (again!) for 6 weeks it was a nice distraction to spend time with my family during the Thanksgiving holiday and on our 5 year wedding anniversary. I am so glad I did too! Being alone in Michigan through all that may have been hard on me. 

We flew into SLC really late and my parents picked us up. We spent the night with them and then drove to Ashton to spend the weekend with the Boles fam! Oliver's favorite part of being in Ashton is riding in Grampy's truck to the farm every day and "helping" with the animals and chores. This time they ended up just playing in the snow and making a snow man! haha. They had tons of fun together.

I stuck around the house to help cook and prep for our big Thanksgiving dinner (a week early... heehee). Tal, KarmaSue and Madelyn were up visiting for the weekend and Grandpa and Grandma Orme and Meghan, Ellis and Ellie joined us for dinner too! It was such a blast! We played lots of games and watched some movies and relaxed all together. And, the pie was just divine, of course!

We headed back to Pocatello and spent the week with the Whitney family! It was so nice to get some alone time with my mom! I miss her all the time. If I could just be half of who she is then I will be set in life. Seriously. She is wonder woman! She is an incredible mom and grandma, an amazing cook, she owns and runs an entire business on her own, she is extremely involved at church... the list goes on. She is my hero.

On Thanksgiving day we had an incredible feast and really good company. My cousins, Susan and Katherine and her husband John, joined us, Josh, Rissa and Ender stayed for a few days, and a friend of Hannah's from Medford joined us too. We had a really great time!

Anyway, we did tons of fun things together as a family including watching movies, decorating the Christmas tree, Christmas shopping, going to the Downtown Pocatello Christmas Parade, making sugar cookies, putting a puzzle together and playing tons of games. It was the most fun and relaxed week! 

Overall, I am so happy that we decided to go! Oliver and I LOVED seeing all our family. We were spoiled rotten with love, attention and time with all of our family. It was a trip I will never forget!

Playing in the snow with Grampy at the farm

Oliver's first snowman!!! 

Oliver LOVES feeding Grampy's chickens and collecting the eggs

Spoiled rotten by Grampy on the way home from the farm. haha!

The power went out just before we were going to have Thanksgiving dinner

(Clockwise from bottom) Grandpa and Grandma Orme, Meghan, Ellis and Ellie, Mom and Dad, Tallon, KarmaSue and Madelyn and Oliver and me. 

Mimi crawling around the mall play place with Oliver. I have the best mom in the world! 

Austin sent flowers to my parents house on our 5 year anniversary! So sweet!
Having mexican food with my family to celebrate my anniversary! Oliver is using a barbie brush to comb Papa's bald head... haha!

Papa made his famous unbakers for us!!! Oliver LOVES them!

Oliver and his cousin, Ender!

Hope and Oliver on Santa's lap

My beautiful sister, Rissa with Ender and Oliver at the Christmas parade in Downtown Pocatello

Oliver trying to help Papa get the tree to stand straight

Hannah, Mimi and Oliver snuggled up on the couch

Snitching some of Mimi's sugar cookie dough

Cutting out our Christmas sugar cookies

He likes to be involved in all the steps of the baking process.... even if he ends up covered in flour by the end.

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