Saturday, August 8, 2015

Visit from the Wallins!

Right before we left Houston we were visited by our really good friends, the Wallins! Spencer and Rachel have been some of our closest friends for the last few years in Ann Arbor. We have done a lot of cool stuff together including a cross country skiing trip in Northern Michigan, monthly cheese nights, etc. They just moved to Northern Texas this summer for Spencer's Phd. We are really happy for them.... but also really bummed that we don't have them in Ann Arbor anymore. It's just not the same. :(

But, anyway! We had tons of fun when they came to Houston! They were only able to stay for a few days so we crammed in as much as we could! The first day we took them to Brazos Bend so we could hike around and spot a ton of alligators. We had a really good day followed with dinner at our favorite Houston BBQ joint, Virgie's. The next day we spent the whole day sailing and swimming in the ocean and then we ended the day with some of the best fried seafood I have ever had. We seriously had piles of fried seafood to share, mostly fried shrimp and fish, but we also tried some crab and frog legs too! It was super fun!

Rachel reading to Oliver
After an entire day of sailing
Taking a little swim after sailing for a while (That is not our boat in the background, by the way)
The restaurant we ate at was really cool. You ordered all the seafood by the pound and then you choose "fried" or "boiled" and they serve it all with a mound of fries. It was so fresh and delicious!
Some of the best fried seafood I have ever had!
I think we ordered too much.... haha! We had piles of fried shrimp, fish, crab and frog legs. SO SO delicious!

Brazos Bend!
Sweaty, happy little boy!

It's always so cool to see the alligators up close like this in their natural environment!

Guys... we have such a great kid. He will sleep anywhere.

Oliver man.

I think this is the 2nd picture we have of the 4 of us together since Calum was born. How sad is that? Thanks for taking pics of us, Spencer!
Red baby cheeks!

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