Friday, October 30, 2015

October Favorites!

Oliver is the sweetest big brother! He is always willing to share with Calum!

My Calum boy!

Oliver throwing the soccer ball back into play!

On a hay ride to the pumpkin patch with Oliver's pre-school class!

Oliver loved cooking the pumpkins with me and making cookies and pumpkin roulade and lots of delicious treats!

All my boys sound asleep in the tent!

It was such a nice weekend for camping!

Our friends, the McKee's, joined us for the camping!

We hiked to a beautiful lake the next morning!

Berry picking!

They were fascinated with the wheat grinder!

Austin and I ran a Halloween half marathon together! He was the cop and I was the robber! At the end we ran through a grave yard! It was super fun!

Oliver and Daddy threw Jerry the Giraffe a birthday party!

Oliver loves reading!

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