Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Subway took my breath away!

Is this beautiful or what?! Our amazing friends, Jesse Moore and Kim (soon-to-be Moore) invited us on this awesome adventure in Zion National Park. Austin and I are always up for a good adventure! But, I seriously had NO idea just how gorgeous the Subway is and how much fun we would have going through it.

Getting to this lovely spot is no nature walk. It was 8 miles long and consisted of repelling down waterfalls, overcoming the obstacles (usually requiring a rope and my man to help me out) :), and even swimming for a good while (all our important stuff was in waterproof bags)! There were a few areas so narrow that you literally had to swim. It was SO FUN! We were having so much fun that we pretty much laughed the entire time!

A few other fun highlights were the natural water slides, jumping over a waterfall, swimming through a hole in a rock underwater, and seeing pre-historic dinosaur tracks (Austin told us everything about them and more than we probably wanted to know).

Near the end of the long day we ran into a few mishaps...! It rained pretty hard and although it was nice to have warm rain pouring down on us, we were a little paranoid of flash floods (which hit other narrows but not the subway, thank goodness)! AND, we got a tad bit lost at the end of the trail which made me a little grumpy because we were hungry and tired. It didn't take too long to find the parking lot and then we went straight to an overload of carbs at Olive Garden! :)

Overall, the trip was LIFE CHANGING and we made a pact with Kim and Jesse to try to re-live this experience every summer! We absolutely loved it!

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  1. So once upon a time I was really really jealous of your wicked awesome adventure... but I am very glad you had fun and that no one died... I love you both! Someday I will be as cool as both of you!...
    Love, Megz