Saturday, January 1, 2011

Highlights from the Christmas Break!

Well, Austin and I were pretty excited to get to Oregon for Christmas! Not only were we pretty burned out from school, but we also couldn't wait to see my family again. It's been the hardest time we've ever faced since David's been gone.
It was really healing to get back to Oregon and spend time with all my family. We made the best of the holidays and tried to make it special since we all knew that's what David would want. Here are some of the highlights of the break!

Dad and Austin went out in the woods to be men! I couldn't help but take this picture because it was precious to see them cleaning guns together! haha. We spent 2 days at Diamond Lake playing in the snow, snowmobiling, making a snowman and playing games in the cabin. We had so much fun together! David loved coming to Diamond Lake. It's something we do almost every year.
Chris bought Devrey this cute little bunny named Leela. She is the softest and sweetest bunny I've ever seen! Leela actually did pretty well with kids too. Bailey and Hope drug her all over the house.
We visited David's grave a few times to sing christmas carols and clean off the temporary headstone. His headstone is still being made.
I made these Christmas Stockings for Austin and I. I was so proud of myself after! Austin's mama, Shawna, helped me make them and gave me the pattern so I can make more as we add to our family. :)
Austin and I set up our own Christmas tree at our house in Provo before going out to Oregon. It helped me feel some Christmas spirit even though I didn't always want to. I'm holding our little Guinea Pig, Todd. He has been my "birth control" for almost a year now. Austin bought him for me last April. I love him so much! :)

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