Monday, February 6, 2012

We Have Cool Friends...

Austin and I were lucky enough to be invited up to our friends' (Stephen and April Phillips Family) cabin near Evanston, Wyoming. We imagined a tiny, little cabin and were shocked to arrive at a gorgeous, 3-story log home located right next to a river. We spent Friday to Sunday snowshoeing, snowmobiling, playing games, eating Pho and other delicious foods, relaxing, etc. It was WONDERFUL! Thanks, Stephen and April, for being so cool and inviting us!

The gorgeous cabin

The roads were all closed so we had to snowmobile to the cabin with a sled full of our stuff. 
Juneau and their dog, Bracken, kept each other pretty busy. They had a blast playing together the whole time!

Stephen Jr. and Joe are my buddies!

We celebrated Stephen Jr.'s birthday with his favorite meal, Pho, and his favorite cake, coffee cake. What a cool kid, huh? 

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