Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Limbo Land

LIMBO. That's the state we've been going through these days.  As we're pushing through this last month or two of living in Utah I feel like we're always looking forward to something that we "can't wait for". We're in this transitionary state where we feel like we shouldn't be here anymore but we can't leave yet. 

We always catch ourselves saying, "I can't wait to graduate", "I can't wait to...." etc. We have some major changes coming our way, so I guess it's only natural that we get excited and anxious. 
  • We're graduating from BYU and moving to Billings, Montana in less than six weeks. 
  • About two months later, we're having a BABY BOY (that's a HUGE change! Holy cow!). 
  • One month after he's born we're moving AGAIN to Ann Arbor, Michigan to start Austin's P.H.d program....

Is that enough change to make your brain go a little crazY? 

So, one day I was talking about all of these things to look forward to when we both agreed we should stop focusing so much on the future and start enjoying the phase we're in NOW. So, to do this I've been documenting the little, everyday things that are going on in our lives. That's made me realize how blessed we are and how happy we are NOW even without any of the cool things we have to look forward to. :)

Visiting Austin's amazing Auntie Lez. We will miss her so much!

Randy and Aust playing frisbee at a small BBQ we had with some friends.

Darrell and Randy playing "keep away from Juneau". haha

Suzie joined us for a bit. Goodness, do I love this girl!

Juneau was spayed this week and has to wear the "cone of shame" for at least 10 days until her incision heals.  Since she wasn't used to walking with the cone yet AND she was on major pain meds, she was running into walls and tripping all over. It was so sad. 

It broke my heart to see her this way. She looks pretty out of it from the pain killers! haha. She's doing a lot better now and seems so much more like herself. 

Kim and Jesse come over every Monday night for "game night". Juneau was happy to have visitors! :)

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