Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oliver Update

23-ish weeks and counting....

I think our baby must be the calm, snuggly type. Last time I had an ultrasound he wouldn't move enough to get all the measurements we needed and to see his facial profile. So, the technician told me to eat something sugary before my next appointment. Well, yesterday I was all prepared for the appointment and loaded myself up with 2 chocolate chip cookies and a Dr. Pepper.  Even with all that sugar in his system he still wouldn't wake up for the ultra-sound. I kept thinking, "come on little Oliver! I ruined my balanced diet for this!" But, alas, he still didn't cooperate.

The technician shook my stomach, rolled me over to my side, and even had me come BACK in again for the 3rd try.... but he wouldn't budge his little head. The technician just kept laughing and saying how funny and stubborn he is. That reminds me of a certain someone I know who happens to be my husband and the dad to this cute guy. Hmmm... imagine that. :)


  1. Ha that is so funny! Jack wouldn't stop moving long enough for them to measure anything! I love the name Oliver, that was one of the boy names I liked :)

  2. wait? did you decide on oliver? i love it!!!!