Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break in Portland

I was spoiled rotten this past week when I flew out to spend the spring break with my family in Oregon. We drove up to Portland together and spent 5 days partying "whitney" style.  :) Hard core, I know. But, really, it was a week I'll never forget. I just wish Austin could have skipped a week of classes and joined us. But, being the responsible, hard-working, and dedicated genius he is (don't tell him I complimented him on the internet or he'll be terribly embarrassed) he stayed behind to push through and finish up his degree with good grades. :) What a man. And, what a lucky woman I am to be married to him.

Anyway, we had so much fun going to the Portland Zoo, seeing "Wicked", visiting the "OMSI" and seeing a movie in the "Omniplex theater", laser-tagging with the Pedersen family, swimming in the hotel every single day (and sometimes twice a day), eating out at new places, ice-skating, shopping, etc.

But, instead of describing each day and it's events, here are some pictures which are supposed to be worth a thousand words each anyway, right? So, there ya have it. A novel worth of material that I don't have to write out for you. :)


This is a real baby at 24 weeks that has been preserved in this special exhibit at the OMSI. It was cool to see how big my little guy is and how much he'll continue to grow.

The lego exhibit was probably my favorite. 

All of the art pieces in this exhibit are made completely out of legos

Seeing "Wicked" on our last night in Portland

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