Thursday, May 17, 2012

BYU Graduation

WE FINALLY GRADUATED!!!! Well, I should say I  finally graduated because it took me 5 years to get only 1 bachelors degree. But, Austin completed 2 bachelors degrees and even took graduate courses for fun and finished it all in 4 years. haha. After all the boring ceremonies we had SO much fun hanging out with Austin's family and my family who came all the way out from Oregon for the occassion. We stayed a few nights with them up in Park City and had a blast!

Austin received a duel Bachelors degree in Geology and Russian and I received a Bachelors of Music degree in Media Music Studies.

Us with Megz! We love her so much! 

My parents and Hope came all the way from Oregon for the ceremony

BYU has been really good to us! 

We spent the weekend with them at their condo in Park City

That same weekend Austin ran a full marathon in Salt Lake City

I was so proud of him! He finished and made really great time!

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