Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trip to Utah!

Being with the Boles family was SO MUCH FUN! We couldn't get enough of them. We packed the trip with hikes and swimming and BBQ's and water parks.... we seriously partied hard. It was a vacation we will never forget. We flew in on July 3rd and spent a week with them. Then we rented a car and drove to California for a Whitney Family Reunion for a few days. Then we drove back to Orem and spent a few more days (including Oliver's birthday) with the Boles again. It was a blast to say the least!

The entire family!!!! Our first successful family picture all together!

Grampy and Grammy with the grandkids

The Provo 4th of July Parade!

Shooting off our own fireworks in the Boles' neighborhood!

I can't get enough of this man. It's a good thing I married him! :)

Hiking Stewart Falls with the fam!

Our crazy family!

We have the best. kid. ever. He sleeps so well on our hikes!

BBQ with the gang! Carolyn and Ben Roden, Randy Hurd, Darrell Roundy and us! 
Grammy and Oliver

Auntie Jayli and Oliver

Karma Sue with Adelaide, Jayli with Joslynne, Mom, Me with Oliver, and Megz

Girls day out!

Oliver being silly at the mall

Family dinner

Ollie's 1st birthday party!!

Since Ollie loves Dr. Seuss books so much the party was a Dr. Seuss Theme.

Adelaide loved helping Oliver open (and play with) his presents! :)

The "special" cake for the kiddos!

Joslynne was hilarious! She loved digging in!


Adelaide, Joslynne and Ollie needed a serious bath after being covered in cake and frosting!

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