Saturday, August 31, 2013


Austin and I have a dream to sail around the world someday. Wouldn't that be the coolest way to travel the world? And, we're serious about doing it. This isn't just some "oh... maybe someday" kind of dream. This is one of those "we are GOING to do this no matter what" kind of dreams! 

So, since we moved to michigan and realized how popular sailing is around here we thought this would be the perfect time to start learning the sport! Austin found this sweet, little sailboat and we bought it for his Birthday (and every other holiday and birthday in the future... haha)! 

Austin, being the studious and thorough guy that he is, had already read several books and done extensive research on sailing. After we got the boat we only went out one time with an experienced sailor and since then we've been able to sail all by ourselves. We've had a few minor mishaps, but mostly it's been smooth sailing! haha. We are so addicted. We have gone out every chance we get. 

Getting the boat into the water

Taking down the sails after a long day of sailing

Ollie LOVES the boat! He even says "boat!" excitedly when we get ready to go out on the water.

Sailing with some friends (they took this picture)

Hanging out in the water 

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  1. I love that idea! Sailing around the world would be so fun! Do it!