Sunday, November 24, 2013

Other Fall Goodies!

We have so many fun times and adventures that I don't document on this blog. Sorry about that. Since I don't want these gems to be forgotten I'm just shoving them all together in a "random" post. :) Here they are:

We went exploring as much as we could before the weather turned south

Oliver loves dogs! This was at the Michigan Firehouse Museum

He loves the tractors at Three Cedars Farm

Playing in the corn box at Three Cedars Farm

Getting his millionth hair cut. This kids hair grows like a weed.

Bath time. I love his rolls!

He loves to do chores with me. His favorite is sweeping.

Pie for David's 28th Birthday

Oh, I love these two!

Walking on the trails around our lake

He loves riding Sandy the horse for a penny at the grocery store

One of the first snows of the winter.

Bernie loves being hand fed. haha!

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