Sunday, May 11, 2014


I completed a New Year's resolution! Hooray! I ran my first marathon in May with Austin by my side. He and I trained all year (even in the snow) for this day and we did great! We finished in just over 4 hours (I think the exact time was 4:11)... so not SO great... but still. For my first marathon I didn't care what time I got. My goal was just to finish the entire thing without walking at all. And, we did it! We ran the entire time.

For the first 13 miles I had a really hard time. I was suffering from morning sickness and all the farm smells really got to me. I don't mean to use my pregnancy as an excuse but MAN those smells! UGH! I about died. And when anyone with strong perfume ran by I wanted to chase after them screaming, "who the heck wears perfume for a race, you idiot?!!". Austin thought I was being pretty hilarious! It was so great to have him there encouraging me and helping me through the first half.

Then, I miraculously got a bunch of energy around mile 13 that kept me strong the rest of the time. So, when we hit mile 20ish and Austin started getting shaky I was able to push him on and keep him running strong until the end!

We made such a great team! I'm so lucky I had him as my running partner. 

We didn't take any pictures except this one... and it's not that great. But, here you go!

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  1. I can't believe you ran a marathon in your first trimester! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!