Monday, May 26, 2014

Medford and San Diego

I am SUCH a terrible blogger. This trip was all the way back in May and I am finally posting pictures from it. haha! So, instead of a play by play of what happened I will mostly just let the pictures speak for themselves.

I spent about 5 days in San Diego with my sister, Devrey, and her awesome family! Then I flew up to Medford to see my parents and Hannah and Hope at home. It was such a wonderful trip and we made so many amazing memories together. Family is everything!

Oliver and Hope eating gogurts in Dad's truck

I love my sisters!

Mom presented dad with the bouquet after winning our croquet match! haha. So cute!

Our "sneak out girls night" at Shari's! It's tradition!

Hannah and Hope playing in the river with Oliver.

This kid doesn't care about cold. I love it!

Auntie Hope helping Oliver look over the bridge.

Oliver loves his Mimi!

Our family spot! 

Oliver playing in the dirt with Papa.... diaperless. haha

He tolerates my kisses!

I love my handsome little boy.

Devrey literally lives next door to the San Diego temple. It was gorgeous!

We took walks on the grounds almost every day.

Luke and Oliver playing at the beach

More beach time!

Carousel ride with Oliver and Dev and Luke!

We all hiked to Black's Beach together (it was actually a nude beach.... haha)


Luke and Ollie in the tub together. They will LOVE this pic someday. ;)

Chris and Dev and I got a sitter for the kids and had a night out together!

I love my sis so much I can hardly stand it!

Dev and Chris! Such an amazing couple!

Renting a surrey to explore San Diego together! I love that the boys match!

Sea World!

Oliver loved the dolphin show

I love my bailers!

The orca show

Hand feeding the sting rays.... haha! My face says it all.

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