Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Easter and General Conference

This year Easter and General Conference fell on the same weekend. It was nuts to say the least, but so much fun! 

Saturday we kept our donut tradition going and we made homemade donuts as a family. We decided to make old-fashioned sour cream cake donuts this year and boy were they good! It is definitely a new family favorite! Oliver LOVED cutting out the donuts with me and dunking them in the glaze after they were fried. And, of course, his favorite part was eating them! It was really fun!

Then we watched the Saturday morning session together. Between sessions we colored eggs. We also have a family tradition where we boil onion skins to make a natural red dye. Then we used rubber bands, stickers, tape, etc. to make designs on the eggs before dying them in the red dye. This is the traditional way to color eggs (red representing the blood of Christ), before commercialism took over. For dinner we carry on a tradition that my family always had and we ordered pizza. This was such a special treat when I was a kid!

For the Sunday morning session of conference we always have brunch with the Wallins and the McClures. The Wallins make the most incredible belgian waffles and homemade sausage. It is always a really special treat. This was our last conference breakfast together since both the Wallins and McClures will be moving away this summer. :( So sad about that! 

Between sessions we had a small easter egg hunt at our apartment complex across the pond for Oliver and his two best friends, Clara and Maks (who both live here as well). It was really cute to watch them all running around together and sharing candy with each other. We have such great friends here in Ann Arbor!

Oliver looking for Easter eggs

Gee, I love him!

Natalija, Me and Annita

Clara, Oliver and Maks

Oliver and Calum with their Easter baskets

These two are the cutest!

Oliver was pretty excited about the new books!!

Oliver is such a great kid. He took his nap in my lap during general conference at the Wallins. 

Our homemade old fashioned sour cream cake donuts. Recipe on my sugarboles blog! 

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