Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our New West Wight Potter... with a Pending Name

Back in February we sold our little 470 racing sail boat. It was bittersweet to say goodbye. We learned to sail on that little thing and had a blast most of the time. I say most because it was stressful as well. It capsized a few times (luckily when Oliver and I weren't there). Also, Oliver and I had to duck down every time we changed directions and the boom would fly across overhead. We got pretty good at avoiding a major bonk on the head... but it was still a bit crazy to be aboard when the winds got going fast. 

Anyway, it was time to upgrade! We did a ton of research and fell in love with the Potters. We found a really awesome 14' West Wight Potter not too far away from us and for a really great price. We still haven't solidified a name for her yet. Austin is really superstitious about revealing the name before the boat naming ceremony. I thought he was joking. But, apparently, he's not! haha!

Michigan finally graced us with some good weather and we were able to take her out for the first time today! It was SUCH a blast! It was our first time sailing this boat AND sailing with Calum aboard (he is only 3 months old). So, we were grateful for slow winds. It was nice to have an easy day on the lake to figure everything out. 

The boys did SO great! Calum slept in the cabin for most of the time and Oliver loved helping us steer with the rudder. We sailed around the lake a while and then stopped at an island to explore. We didn't stay on the island long because it was totally covered in Geese and their nests! I had never seen so many aggressive looking geese staring at us as they stood guard over their eggs before today.  I was sure they were all going to charge us at any moment! haha!

We spent about 3 1/2 hours on the water with no real problems. All in all it was a success! We are pretty proud of our little crew of 4. I think we will have a lot of adventures together in this boat!

The crew

Oliver's favorite spot on the boat... right next to Dad!

Calum slept for most of the time!

Oliver got a little sleepy too and rested for a few minutes next to Calum.

Me and my Oliver man!

Never a dull moment with this kid!

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