Wednesday, March 30, 2016


During Univeristy of Michigan's winter break we decided to take a quick, weekend trip to Chicago since we hadn't spent much time there yet. It was a prrrreetty cold weekend to be out and about but it beats staying indoors with two (er, three) rambunctious boys! :)

As soon as we drove into the city our first stop was the Lincoln Park Zoo. It is one of the few free zoos left in the country. Some of the exhibits were pretty cool because they outlined where the cages used to be. It was sad to see where the enclosures once were. But, I am so glad to see how much zoos have changed for the better. We all had a great time!

The next day we went to the Shedd Aquarium which was AWESOME. It was so big and full of amazing sea life! We got to see sharks, a beluga whale, penguins, dolphins, every fish imaginable, etc. It was very diverse and there were some neat activity areas for kids to play. Oliver and Calum's favorite was the penguin play area. There were penguin costumes, fake ice slides, penguin nests to sit in, etc. for kids to waddle around right next to the penguin exhibit. It was so cute!

We also went to the Field Museum and were blown away by how many things there were to see! We were especially excited about the Terracotta Warriors exhibit, the dinosaur exhibit and (my favorite) seeing the famous man-eating lions of Tsavo. It was pretty creepy standing right next to the lions who once hunted down and ate 135 railroad workers in Kenya. I loved it!

The other thing I want to say is how great the food was! We ate deep dish Chicago style pizza one night and the other day we stood in line for almost an hour to eat at The Angry Crab, which was SO GOOD. It is a Cajun boil place where you order seafood by the pound and tell them which spices you want it boiled with. We ordered crab legs and mussels. Then they bring it out in giant plastic bags which you can dump on your table or eat out of the bag and throw all your trash on the table. It was the most messy and delicious meal. Definitely unforgettable!

At the Lincoln Park Zoo

Oliver loved the sharks 

Post deep dish pizza coma

Our hotel was a really cool, historic building with very lavish ceilings and decor.

At the Field Museum with my loves

Calum and Oliver enjoyed the front steps more than the inside. haha! Figures...

Seeing the Terracotta warriors exhibit was really cool!

Calum napping on the go! Poor kid...

Standing in line at The Angry Crab was SO worth it!

The mussels were to die for!

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