Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Little Family- April 2016

Taking family pictures.... ugh! It is definitely a chore. A chore that Austin would be completely fine without ever doing. And, I really mean EVER. Now you can see where Oliver gets his stubbornness when it comes to being behind a lens. Both of them despise having pictures taken of themselves. So, I came prepared with a bag full of mike 'n ikes and other goodies to bribe some smiles out of them. :)

Since it was important to me to finally get pictures as a family of 4 we decided to schedule a quick (and I mean really quick) photo shoot with our good friend, Silke Masullo. She is incredibly talented! 

Everyone was really happy to dress down into our play clothes. These pictures are how life really is for the Boles family. We live in our chacos and t-shirts!

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  1. Austin and Camilla, These photos are priceless. What a beautiful family and just because Oliver looked bored in some of them and Austin's smile was fake in some doesn't mean that down the road a few years you won't treasure them. They will always bring back precious memories. Grandma Jan