Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Weekend in San Antonio

Since Austin works 9 80 work weeks (9 hour days) he gets every other Friday off! It has been super awesome because we get to travel on the 3 day weekends that he has. We decided to pop over to San Antonio since Austin had never been. It is a pretty cool city!

We spent some time on the river walk, we found a really cool food truck park with amazing food, we saw the Alamo, we visited a few of the other missions in the Missions national historic park (they were way cooler than the Alamo), and we took the kids to the rainforest cafe (even though the food is awful... haha!). The kids loved it! 

The San Antonio riverwalk

We found an awesome food truck park with incredible food and music. Definitely a cool find!

Visiting the Alamo

The boys loved the Rainforest Cafe!

The Mision Concepcion was my favorite! 

This mission is the oldest stone building in the United States that hasn't been changed or renovated. 

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