Sunday, June 12, 2016

Visit from the Wallins!

Any time the Wallins come for a visit we have such a great time! 

We were so lucky to have them come down for a few days and stay with us at our house here in Houston! We went on some bike rides, we played tons of games every night, we ate the most delicious food.... they made us the most incredible Bahn Mi (korean meatball sandwiches) and we also had an epic cheese night for old times' sake! It was a really fun visit!

We also met our other Ann Arbor friends (the Stathams, who currently live in Houston) at the beach in Galveston for a beach day. Afterwards we drove to a seafood joint that we ate at with the Wallins last summer and we just had to try it again! You order shrimp or fish or frog legs or whatever you want by the pound and they fry it up and serve it with a bunch of french fries. It was so good!

At the beach with Spencer and Rachel

Rachel, me and Brittany

Spencer and Calum are buds!

Eating some fried seafood after a day at the beach!

Having a little cheese night for old times' sake!

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