Saturday, June 25, 2016

Milla's Birthday Camping Weekend

For one of Austin's 3 day weekends we went camping near Austin, Texas at Inks Lake State Park. It was also to celebrate my 27th birthday. We spent the first night by ourselves in the camp site and the second night we were joined by our good friends, Spencer and Rachel Wallin! They are seriously the coolest friends. Spencer had just had a birthday too so we did a joint birthday song and we stuck candles in our cake filled oranges that we cooked in the camp fire. 

We did a lot of exploring and bug catching, swimming at the coolest water hole called the Devil's Waterhole, sliding down the natural rock water slides, wading in the river, eating delicious food, roasting s'mores, and trying to survive from the HEAT. Ugh! Texas heat is pretty awful. It's definitely clear why camp sites are easy to come by in the summer time here. haha! But, we still had tons of fun and playing in the water hole so much definitely helped.

We also spent half a day on a tour of the Longhorn Caverns. It was a few miles of exploring and it was super awesome being in the dark, cool caves for that long. We were even lucky enough to see a few bats up close. Austin was so happy about that! 

We all had such a great weekend! Saying "goodbye" to Spencer and Rachel is always sad, but we always find a way to see each other no matter where we live. So, we know we will have more adventures with them in the future!

On the first day I accidentally tripped over Oliver and fell on top of him on the cement steps. He smashed his cheek pretty good. Poor kid!

Oliver and Calum were troopers! Even with the battery operated fan the tent was pretty hot. They still slept great!

We explored some nearby caves called the Longhorn Caverns

We got to see some bats up close. Oliver loved exploring in the dark caves!

The shallow spots in the riverbeds were SO much fun since Calum and Oliver both don't swim yet. 

There were lots of cool water slide spots that we found

Calum most enjoyed throwing rocks... haha!

Eating watermelon with our favorite folks, the Wallins!

Happy Birthday to me and Spencer!

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