Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving with Chris and Dev

My AWESOME sister, Devrey, and her family got to come spend Thanksgiving in Michigan with us! They just moved from San Diego to Baltimore so we get to have a few months of being somewhat close to each other before we leave Michigan! I was SO happy to have them here! 

We spent most of our time out exploring and hiking in nature. We also went downtown to the farmer's market and to show them the awesome Zingerman's deli and cheese shop and patisserie and all that goodness over in Kerrytown. We spent a lot of time just hanging out inside cooking Thanksgiving dinner together, watching movies, playing games and enjoying all the kids! 

We started a few new traditions that I think are so fun! One, we decided to have pie on Thanksgiving Eve which I was reluctant to allow. But, then it turned out to be so great! We actually enjoyed the pie MORE since we weren't so full from a huge meal. Then we were able to try every kind of pie and we still had tons leftover for Thanksgiving day after dinner. It was awesome! I'm definitely keeping this tradition going. We also ate our Thanksgiving dinner in sweats and pajamas... mostly because it was so cold outside and we all wanted to be cozy... but also because it never made sense to me why people get all dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner. So, there you have it! Two awesome new traditions that will go down in Boles family history. :)

On their last day here we took them to our favorite place, Le Furge nature preserve, and we had a bonfire. We ate lunch and played around for a while. 

The weather wasn't the greatest while they were here but they are adventurous and fun and were up for going out every day anyway! We all had such a great time together. I miss them already...

Bailey loved looking for all the fairy doors around downtown Ann Arbor 

Calum coming in from the cold outside for some hot cocoa!

Bailey and Roscoe quickly became buds!

The kids exploring on a hike

Oliver and Luc are such good friends!

I found a snake next to the path that the kids were so excited to hold

Oliver named him Mr. Snake. :)

The feast! I love this sister so much! 

Bath time for the boys! Bailey is such a great helper!

Roscoe is always looking for a lap to lay in.

We started a new tradition! Pie on Thanksgiving EVE! haha! The kids loved it! 

Devery is seriously the best! I am so lucky to have her!

Hanging out at Le Furge

The gang enjoying some lunch by the fire

Calum wanted to roast his roll.... haha

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