Monday, November 28, 2016

November in Michigan

We spent a day hiking around our favorite nature preserve just before Austin had to leave for a trip to Germany.

Making nature soup in the rock!

I left my kid hanging so I could get a picture... I'm a great mom! haha!

Calum got "nurse's elbow" (the elbow came out of the socket) while I was wrestling with him and I had to take him to the E.R. This was his second  E.R. visit before age 2..... Thank goodness for insurance, right?

My handsome little guys after church

These two are so sweet to each other!

Calum was SO happy to have Daddy home after 2 weeks apart!

Oliver got to help cut vegetables for his "friendship soup" at preschool

These two wrestle all the time. It's super cute!

Roscoe still thinks he's a tiny lap dog

Roscoe with two of his sisters and his brother. 

Oliver and Calum already wrote letters to Santa! Can you tell they are excited?!

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