Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Chickens have been on my mind a lot lately. And not just because they're so tasty and I just finished eating a really spicy chicken dish at our favorite local restaurant. But, mostly because we've been planning an already begun chicken coop in a little village in the middle of nowhere called Sanya Juu.
H.E.M. Orphanage in Sanya Juu

There is a small orphanage out there called H.E.M. and the children are absolutely adorable! The problem, like most of our projects we're working on, is that the orphanage is struggling financially and the children lack necessary nutrients in their diet (mostly protein). So, building this chicken coop is combining an income generator with a public health initiative by providing the orphanage with eggs and meat to sell and eat (I love rhymes). :)

The kids at H.E.M. Orphanage. Aren't they adorable? Who wouldn't want to help them?

So, there ya go. Yet another cool project of many that we're working on here in Tanzania. And let me tell you. It is VERY rewarding.

This is the coop so far...

Austin measuring the foundation

It's a work in progress... :)

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