Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kimondolu Physical Education!!!

One of the MANY schools we're working with is called Kimondolu Primary School. A few of our HELPInternational volunteers, Annette and Faith, have been teaching "girls health" classes to some of the older girls and educating them about menstrual cycles and nutritition, etc.

But, the school is also in need of a structured physical education program. After 1 hour of trying to implement organized games and activities with over 200 students and only a few of us volunteers there may or may not have been a few crying children. Let's just say it was less than successful.

Because of the traumatizing experience, we planned like crazy, rounded up all 16 or so of our volunteers, and braced ourselves for another try. We separated the students into age groups and rotated them between pairs of volunteers with specific activities planned and it actually worked pretty well! We all had loads of fun and here is some proof to show for it: Josh and Chris in the "duck duck goose" group

Faith and Tanya stretching with their group

Me and Annette teaching music

Liz and Seth doing... I don't know what. :)

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