Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chakula Tanzania (Tanzanian Food)

DELICIOUS!!!! That is the word that first comes to my mind. And because it’s so delicious and I have a fear that I’ll crave it a ton at home, I figured I should probably learn a few recipes. Let’s face it… who has ever seen a Tanzanian food restaurant in the States? Anyone? Didn’t think so. And besides, what if I want to impress someone back home and make cultural food?

Basically, having a few of these amazing secret recipes up my sleeve seems like a good thing to me. And to Austin. Especially Austin. He’s actually been pretty insistent that I learn his favorite Tanzanian foods. But not because he wants me to make them for him. No. He just wants me to be happy......Does anyone else believe that? :)

So, here is a glimpse of the deliciousness that we’ve been enjoying for the last 3 months. And if anyone reading this would like to try some of it, I only charge… haha. Kidding. Come over anytime!
This is Mshkaki... Austin's fav. It's basically a meat and carrot skewer. SO GOOD.
They love fried food here. The most popular sides, besides rice, are chips (french fries), and Ndizi Choma (fried plantains).
(Left to Right) Cow Stomach, Cow intestine, and steak... or so they say... :)
We did try all of this by the way.Ndizi choma, chips, fried cabbage and carrots, fresh avocado... one of my favorite Tanzanian meals.
Just for fun... :)

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  1. Milla. The STORIES you will have when you get back!! Can't wait to hear them all. :)