Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back to School, Back to School... Prove to Dad I'm Not a Fool.

Namanga, Tanzania (right on the Kenyan border)

SCHOOL. Everyone reading this probably went to school. For free. And probably had some great educational opportunities. And probably had pretty cool teachers for the most part. And most likely took all of these things for granted. I know I did.

Well, school is NOT FREE here in Tanzania, even for primary and secondary students (equivalent to our elementary, middle and high school levels). Every school that I know of, even the poorest of poor, even the government funded, requires students to pay monthly fees that most people cannot afford.

Namanga, Tanzania, a small village on the Kenyan border, has the same problem. High fees and many kids who can't go to school as a result. However, we met a man named Emmanuel who rents a church building where he personally educates children in these circumstances. The problem is, money is running short and soon he and the children will be kicked out of the church and have nowhere to hold school classes.

Thanks to many donations on tippingbucket, we have the money to finish the school they already starting building. So far the foundation and brick walls are all that stand on the property. But, starting next week..... that will change!!! A group of us are headed out to Namanga to begin construction... with lots of local help of course. :)

I'll keep ya posted on all the progress of the construction.

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