Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kikatiti Education Camp!

First of all…. It’s OVER!!! Whew! It was quite the ride and well worth it too. The week consisted of a few main things :

1) Handwashing stations at the market to encourage vendors to wash their hands and fruits and veggies.

2) free classes all week long (English, computers, empowerment, art, women’s health, music, and business) to promote the vocational training center that hosted the event AND to get people in the community excited about learning.

3) soccer and netball tournaments all week for the orphans in Kikatiti.

The football and Netball sign ups.

4) a HUGE community clean-up event where we removed a huge trash pile and cleaned up garbage all over kikatiti throughout the course of the week.
The kids ran around like crazy filling bags with trash.
The prize was worth the effort. :)
Even our drunk friend, Tosha, picked up some garbage.

It was amazing! The turn-out was great, the music was great (provided by a local DJ) and the Tanzanian University Volunteers that we recruited to help out were AMAZING.
Annette, Joseph, Matt (Lee), Milla, and Godlisten posing by our advertisement
Our very drunk friend, Tosha, with Aust and Me.
Me, Irene and Gerald
Only the beginning of the swarming that occurred all week long.
Even the village leaders attended!

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